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Playing A Different Game

Whether it is board games, apps on our phones, or p2p role-playing games online, we knew there can be a different approach.  3DP Fusion Inc. was started to make a difference in the way we think about and play games. We set out to create fun and unique games, when played, would give the players a unique gaming experience every time they played. We designed concepts that take gaming to a whole new level and give each of our users a unique view of old classics.

Educational Games

We know the value of education.  Having kids ourselves we were frustrated by the lack of games that focused on the core concepts of what every child should know; reading, writing, math, and science. That is why we took a unique approach, trying to fill the void of educational games that kids can play and games that they want to play over and over again!

That is why we created strategic based children’s games with fundamental concepts.  Merging together the fun and the knowledge we have come up with some of the most unique knowledge-based games ever devised. Keep coming back to our website to see the newest products launched in our educational game line.

Board Games

We heard it all the time, that board games were a dying business.  We challenged that notion and faced it head-on.  In the end, the problem wasn’t that board games were dying, they just weren’t fun anymore.  There was no strategy anymore in games and the ired reinvention of the same concepts was killing the marketplace.  So we took the notion of board games and made sure that they were different, unique, and made with strategy in mind.  This way you can play the same game multiple times but have a different outcome because there are so many ways that you can approach the finish line.

Board games can bring people together regardless of how many players are playing.  Look at the difference between our concepts v. others out there.  Keep checking back on our site to see the launch of our newest games coming out.

Mobile Gaming

We know how important mobile gaming is to people these days.  With the amount of time that we spend on our phone having quick fun to break up the monotony of the day is important! That is why we have designed and built amazing games and apps you can use to escape during the day!  When it comes to mobile gaming the philosophy is simple: make it new.  There are tons of the same game over and over again just repackaged differently.  We make our mobile, fun, different, and challenging.  When it comes to game design there are no cutting corners.  Keep coming back to our site to see the newest launches of our mobile games and where to download them to your phone and tablets today!

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